Intuitive Healing

Neelam Minocha

My mission in this lifetime…

is to touch as many human hearts as I can with love and compassion, to help individuals let go of their self limiting beliefs, embrace their gifts and true potential. I believe every human being has a unique gift that they bring to this world. It just needs to be uncovered and awakened. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and we come to experience life on this planet through emotions (energy-in-motion). Once we understand the patterns of our life that have kept us stuck and the emotions we came to experience we can let them go and start to flow with life again. When we raise our vibration and frequency through healing and release work, we attract better circumstances, experiences and people into our lives.

Neelam Minocha

My Awakening

For many years Neelam combined Chartered Accountancy in the corporate world with being a mother of two and a doctor’s wife. When life circumstances and pressures exacerbated, she experienced a painful personal struggle that culminated in a profound awakening and realisation of her extraordinary gifts. She now combines her psychic ability with her intuitive healing techniques to help others in their own personal struggle.

By tapping into a person’s energy field, she identifies life patterns and belief programs that keep them in a never ending cycle of repetitive emotional and behavioural esponses which prevent them from moving on and achieving a more fulfilling life. A key element in the healing process undertaken by Neelam is to identify the root cause of the emotional trauma and release it from that point in time.

Our cellular memories store emotions from our past lives and childhood. It is important to come to an understanding of what these emotions came to teach us as they impact on our everyday decisions in life. How we live, how we react, how we behave in certain situations. When we clear these emotions through healing the root cause, changes are made at a core cellular level that have the ability to completely free us from our limiting life patterns once and for all.

Healing and group energy transmissions are catalysts for change. They work with physical, emotional and karmic imbalances as well as ancestral issues throughout time and space. For more information please visit

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Neelam is one of the most ‘in-tune’ people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Immediately after my first encounter with her in December of 2014 I could sense that she is someone who emanates pure love energy from every fibre of her being. Since last year I have been to see Neelam on two occasions to complete very important energy work that has helped me massively in terms of releasing pent up stagnant energies within my aura and field and to incorporate new flows of vibrancy throughout my being. I would encourage anybody who wants to get in touch with their own inner self on a deeper, more energetic level to contact Neelam, as she really is a treasure that we should all have in our lives. It is not everyday we will come across people like her so make the most of any opportunity that you have to work with this being of light, because in doing so your life is likely to very quickly improve drastically.

Mike, Twickenham

Coming across Neelam has been a total bliss and a turning point in my journey of healing and awakening. She’s got such a strong, loving and wise presence that it’s hard to put it in words. I’ve first been to her for an EFT session for the purpose of healing my dog phobia which I almost had throughout my life and it was socially disabling at times. Just in one session, Neelam figured out the root cause of it and initiated an energetic process while also helping me to  understand the situation at the conscious mind level. My fear has eventually vanished and people who have known me for a long time cannot believe in this change. Much grateful for everything. I believe that as long as we are open to the change, there are magical and loving souls like Neelam ready to help us.

Lots of love and blessing, Pinar

To date I have had 2 remote energy healing transmissions with Neelam (I say to date as I intend to have more). Neelam is an amazing, gifted caring individual and it has been truly life changing for me, after the 2nd transmission I felt (physically) all that I had been holding on to regret, anger, sadness etc had been removed, I felt lighter, happier and a real sense of calm. Things that I believed to be impossible are now becoming possible. I believe I now have clarity about where and what my life path is leading to. Thank you Neelam, as I truly believe that if I had not had the connection with you through your distant transmissions, my mind would have remained closed to the amazing things that are out there, the infinite possibilities that are there for us all 🙂

Much love, Trish xxx

The most authentic and naturally gifted healer you’d wish to meet. Her ‘ordinary’ nature is in direct contrast to her extraordinary ability to tap into and determine what a person needs to heal their life. My personal experience has been profound, leading me away from self limiting beliefs that have always plagued me and towards a more truthful, fulfilling way of living my life.

Sal S. East Sussex

I was first introduced to Neelam at one of her transmissions, having been invited along by a friend who had benefited greatly from a session with her and highly recommended a meeting. From the very first moment I met her, I trusted her, which was unusual for me at the time as I was going through a particularly dark period in terms of negativity. I can honestly (and joyously) say that from that moment things have began to ‘lighten’ up.Since then, I have had a one-to-one healing session with Neelam, with wonderful results. Essentially, this was the first time I met Neelam properly and she immediately
put me completely at ease, it was like meeting a long lost friend. It’s a little difficult to explain the effects of the healing, as I wasn’t suffering from any physical ailment, it was more about mental and emotional blockages. But as someone who is sensitive to energy (I am a Reiki healer), I could feel ‘things’ moving, or being released almost immediately and the accuracy of her reading behind the causes of the blockages was unavoidable. Neelam has also displayed a genuine empathy with my situation, following up at regular intervals in a loving and helpful manner. Although that session was less than a month ago (at the time of writing), it honestly feels like a lifetime; I now feel totally reenergised, empowered and excited about my role in the world. Thank you, Neelam.

Jason G, London.


Neelam heads up a clinic in Central London

1 Chapel Place

Monday – Friday
10am – 5pm
11am – 4pm
Sunday – Closed